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Violin Lessons


Since 2009 Music Authority has been serving Metro Detroit with professional violin lessons for students of all ages and skill levels.


"When you play a violin piece, you are a storyteller, and you're telling a story"

Joshua Bell


Metro detroit violin lessons

The violin is a popular, four stringed instrument, played with a bow. The modern violin evolved from many historical bowed instruments, emerging in 16th century Italy. It is widely used in classical and popular music and is featured as a solo as well as part of a larger string section. Sometimes referred to as a fiddle, the violin is related to other string instruments such as the viola and cello.

What is a good age to start violin lessons?

The age a child is ready to begin violin lessons varies from child to child. Many students start as young as five. If you think your child may be ready to begin violin lessons, you may schedule a 30-minute introductory lesson and one of our instructors will assess your child’s readiness to begin piano lessons. Children who are too young to begin violin lessons are encouraged to enroll in Music Authority Music Play for Beginners Program.

While not all young children are ready to begin violin lessons, it’s never too late to start! Many of our students are adults who are eager to cultivate their passion for music.

What can I expect in a typical violin lesson?

Violin lessons are tailored to suit a student’s individual needs. Because each person learns differently, there is no set curriculum. Our highly trained teachers will assess the student in the initial lesson and devise a plan of study. The student will be assigned violin books which we have available for purchase in the studio.

Students will learn a variety of skills to help them develop as musicians, learning how to read music and play repertoire. As a student progresses, they will learn about different styles and genres of music. Our violin students are exposed to a wide variety of music such as classical and pop. We encourage advancing students to collaborate with other musicians and vocalists; many of our more advanced violin students practice their collaborative skills with other students.

Performance is an important part of studying music, and at Music Authority we prepare students for two recitals each year. Many of our students also compete in the American Guild of Music competition in April of each year. 

Who should play the violin?

The violin is a beautiful instrument requiring a lot of discipline and practice. An excellent solo instrument, the violin is also a good choice for students who want to be a part of a large ensemble. Many of our violin students go on to play in school and community bands and orchestras.

How long will it take to learn the violin?

A musician never truly stops learning! How quickly a student advances depends on age and the amount of practice put in. Your teacher will help you devise a practice plan to help you reach your violin goals.

What kind of violin should I purchase?

There are many types of violins on the market, many of them made in smaller sizes for younger beginners. Your teacher will help you find the right violin for your needs.


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Testimonials From Our Students & Their Families..

  • Music authority is a great provider of musical education for the whole family. Our children look forward to their lessons and enjoy working with the instructors. The staff is professional and flexible. Highly recommend!

    Ronny H. ~ Google

  • It is obvious that the entire Music Authority staff truly cares about providing an exemplary music education to all students. We highly recommend this amazing music school!

    Vito C. ~ Google

  • Excellent music school for a variety of lessons, including accordion, piano, drums, voice, etc. Great teachers who work hard to encourage and support students (young and old) to improve in skill and confidence.

    Gail Mitchell ~ Google

  • Two of my kids take guitar lessons from Randy and love it! He's an excellent teacher and they have learned so much!

    Lori S. ~ Facebook