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Voice and Singing Lessons


Since 2009 Music Authority has been serving Metro Detroit with professional voice and singing lessons for students of all ages and skill levels.


"He who sings scares away his woes"

Miguel de Cervantes


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The most versatile of all instruments, humans have been singing since they developed speech. Singing is a unique discipline as it requires no special instrument; if you can speak, you can sing! Our trained voice teachers at Music Authority teach a wide array of musical styles, focusing on proper vocal technique.

What is a good age to start voice and singing lessons?

The age a child is ready to begin singing lessons varies from child to child. Many students start as young as six. If you think your child may be ready to begin voice lessons, you may schedule a 30-minute introductory lesson and one of our instructors will assess your child’s readiness to begin voice lessons. Children who are too young to begin voice lessons are encouraged to enroll in Music Authority’s Music Play for Beginners Program.

While not all young children are ready to begin voice lessons, it’s never too late to start! Many of our students are adults who are eager to cultivate their passion for music.

What can I expect in a typical voice and singing lesson?

Lessons are tailored to suit a student’s individual needs. Because each person learns differently, there is no set curriculum. Our highly trained teachers will assess the student in the initial lesson and devise a plan of study.

Students will learn a variety of skills to help them develop as musicians, with emphasis on proper vocal technique including breathing and intonation. We encourage advancing students to collaborate with other musicians and vocalists; many of our more advanced vocal students practice their collaborative skills with other singers and instrumentalists.

Performance is an important part of studying music, and at Music Authority we prepare voice students for two recitals each year. Many of our voice students also compete in the American Guild of Music competition in April of each year.

Who should take voice and singing lessons?

Singing is a universal language. Almost anyone can achieve some level of proficiency in singing with the proper training-even people who believe they may be tone deaf! Our vocal students have a wide variety of interests. At Music Authority, we recognize that each singer has specific needs and we provide them with superior training whether they want to be opera singers, musical theatre singers, pop singers, country singers, jazz singers, or even only-in-the-shower singers!

What kind of music will I sing?

Vocal students are exposed to a variety of musical genres such as pop, classical, broadway, and jazz. Students who wish to specialize in a certain style of music are encouraged to discuss this with their instructor. Many of our voice students, for example, specialize in musical theatre and this is reflected in their lessons which incorporate acting techniques and simple choreography. Others opt for classical training, focusing on opera music and art songs. Many of our voice students study another instrument and spend part of their vocal lessons practicing singing and playing at the same time.

How long will it take to learn how to sing?

A musician never truly stops learning! How quickly a student advances depends on age and the amount of practice put in. Your teacher will help you devise a practice plan to help you reach your singing goals.


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Testimonials From Our Students & Their Families..

  • Music authority is a great provider of musical education for the whole family. Our children look forward to their lessons and enjoy working with the instructors. The staff is professional and flexible. Highly recommend!

    Ronny H. ~ Google

  • It is obvious that the entire Music Authority staff truly cares about providing an exemplary music education to all students. We highly recommend this amazing music school!

    Vito C. ~ Google

  • Excellent music school for a variety of lessons, including accordion, piano, drums, voice, etc. Great teachers who work hard to encourage and support students (young and old) to improve in skill and confidence.

    Gail Mitchell ~ Google

  • Two of my kids take guitar lessons from Randy and love it! He's an excellent teacher and they have learned so much!

    Lori S. ~ Facebook