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Professional Guitar Lessons - Livonia, MI


Since 2009, our highly-qualified guitar instructors at Music Authority have been providing custom guitar lessons for Livonia residents of all ages


"What I couldn't say verbally I was able to express physically through the guitar"

Dave Mustaine


Randy and the to boys from band

Music Authority proudly serves Livonia, MI and all surrounding communities with expert guitar lessons, tailored to the individual needs of each student.  Whether you have experience playing the guitar and want to take your guitar playing expertise to the next level, or you are looking to embark on guitar playing for the first time, our highly qualified guitar instructors can accommodate your needs and goals.  Our guitar instructors are not only accomplished guitar players, but also seasoned educators that understand how to connect with our students and allow them to excel at playing the guitar!

How do I know I'm ready for Guitar Lessons?

Since the early history of the guitar, the instrument's versatility has allowed it to be one of the most, if not "the", most popular instrument to play.  People of all ages, skills, and backgrounds have excelled at playing the guitar, and our wide diversity of accomplished guitar students reflect that.  The guitar comes in all shapes and sizes, styles, and fits perfectly in a variety of musical genres.  Chances are, the guitar is a good fit for you, and our guitar lessons are custom-tailored to your needs as an aspiring guitar player.

Are Guitar Lessons a good fit for kids?

At Music Authority, we've accommodated a variety of young children from Livonia looking to learn the guitar.  To make sure your child is ready for guitar lessons, we can screen and evaluate your child's readiness for the guitar.  If we believe they are ready, we will customize a guitar lesson plan that best suits their learning progression.  If we feel they are not quite ready for guitar lessons, we will recommend they enroll in our Music Play for Beginners class, which grooms young children and prepares them for their future musical endeavors.

What can I expect from a guitar lesson?

Our guitar lessons are tailored to the individual goals of each student, which begins with our guitar teachers conducting a thorough evaluation of the student's needs to determine the proper guitar lesson plan. Throughout a typical guitar lesson, the students understanding of the guitar, and how to play will gradually progress.  We find that as our guitar students refine their guitar playing skills, they often gravitate to a specific musical genre, like rock, jazz, pop, or country.

To help guitar students become more polished guitar players, we offer guitar playing literature they can use outside of our private lessons (available for purchase).  We also arrange for group guitar playing sessions, where we find guitar students benefit from the team environment.

As a guitar student at Music Authority, we arrange 2 recitals per year, where our guitar students perform in front of family, peers, and mentors.  Our guitar instructors ensure each student is more than prepared to showcase their skills on stage.

How long will it take to learn the guitar?

Just like any other instrument or vocal endeavor, the progression depends on the instrument, and the individual student.  Our guitar instructors are great at motivating our students to grow and advance their skills every day.

What kind of guitar should I purchase?

Need help finding the perfect guitar for you?  Considering the multitude of guitar sizes and styles, we recommend consulting with our guitar instructors to find the guitar that best suits your learning needs!


Livonia residents can contact us today for more information on our guitar lessons

Proudly serving Livonia residents, we are available to provide more information on guitar lesson pricing, and enrollment.  Contact us today, we look forward to helping you achieve your guitar playing goals!


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Testimonials From Our Students & Their Families..

  • Music authority is a great provider of musical education for the whole family. Our children look forward to their lessons and enjoy working with the instructors. The staff is professional and flexible. Highly recommend!

    Ronny H. ~ Google

  • It is obvious that the entire Music Authority staff truly cares about providing an exemplary music education to all students. We highly recommend this amazing music school!

    Vito C. ~ Google

  • Excellent music school for a variety of lessons, including accordion, piano, drums, voice, etc. Great teachers who work hard to encourage and support students (young and old) to improve in skill and confidence.

    Gail Mitchell ~ Google

  • Two of my kids take guitar lessons from Randy and love it! He's an excellent teacher and they have learned so much!

    Lori S. ~ Facebook