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Professional Guitar Lessons - Dearborn MI


Since 2009 Music Authority has provided expert guitar lessons for Dearborn residents of all ages and backgrounds


"I had no aspirations to be a musician, but I picked up a guitar for 2 seconds and haven't put it down since"




Are you a resident of the Dearborn area looking to start guitar lessons for the first time?

Do you have experience playing the guitar and want to refine your skills?

Regardless of your age or skill level, Music Authority provides expert guitar lessons customized to your needs.  The guitar is a very versatile instrument that is used in various music genres, and our highly-qualified guitar instructors can help you achieve your guitar playing goals, not matter your preferred music genre or skill level!

Who should play the guitar?

The diversity of the guitar makes it a great choice for the full-time  musician, or the individual that enjoys guitar playing as a leisurely hobby. Guitars come in a variety of shapes and sizes, accommodating almost anyone looking to become an accomplished guitar player.

Are guitar lessons for kids?

At Music Authority, we are experts at accommodating aspiring guitar players at almost any age!  However, the younger the child, the more evaluation is needed to determine if they are ready for guitar lessons.  Some of our youngest guitar pupils started at age 5!  But, we understand that every student is different in terms of development.  We offer a complimentary screening for every child interested in guitar lessons, and if we determine they are not quite ready for lessons, we recommend they enroll in our Music Play for Beginners Class. This class is devoted to grooming young children and preparing them to excel in any type of musical endeavor.

What can I expect in a typical guitar lesson?

Guitar lessons are always customized to the unique needs of a student. Each guitar lesson begins with our expert teachers evaluating the student to determine the best guitar lesson plan.

As the lessons progress, students will gradually refine their comprehension of the guitar, and musical principles in general.  Often, as the students obtain a better grasp of the guitar, they gravitate towards specific musical genres, like rock, jazz, pop, or country. In addition to the private lessons, we offer ample resources like guitar playing literature (available for purchase) and also encourage more advanced guitar students to collaborate with other guitarists and musicians to help hone their musical craft.

Formal performance is a vital piece to becoming a well-rounded musician, and at Music Authority we prepare students for 2 recitals per year, where they perform in front of mentors, family, and peers. Many of our students also compete in the American Guild of Music competition in April of each year.

How long will it take to learn the guitar?

Just like any other musical endeavor, there is always room for advancement, so how long it takes to reach your goal, varies.  Each student is different, but our professional guitar instructors are experts at devising a lesson plan that maximizes improvement and comprehension for each student. 

What kind of guitar should I purchase?

Need help selecting a guitar that suits you?  Since guitars come in many shapes, sizes, and styles, it's sometimes useful to have a professional guitar instructor help you select the right one for you.  Our guitar instructors are more than willing to help you find a guitar that best suits you!


Contact us for more information and to schedule your guitar lesson today!

We are proud to serve Dearborn residents and beyond with all their guitar lesson needs.  If you have questions, would like pricing information, or would like to schedule your first guitar lesson, contact us today!


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Testimonials From Our Students & Their Families..

  • Music authority is a great provider of musical education for the whole family. Our children look forward to their lessons and enjoy working with the instructors. The staff is professional and flexible. Highly recommend!

    Ronny H. ~ Google

  • It is obvious that the entire Music Authority staff truly cares about providing an exemplary music education to all students. We highly recommend this amazing music school!

    Vito C. ~ Google

  • Excellent music school for a variety of lessons, including accordion, piano, drums, voice, etc. Great teachers who work hard to encourage and support students (young and old) to improve in skill and confidence.

    Gail Mitchell ~ Google

  • Two of my kids take guitar lessons from Randy and love it! He's an excellent teacher and they have learned so much!

    Lori S. ~ Facebook